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Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Traditional Pumpkin Pie


Enjoy making the traditional pumpkin pie on your home.

The food is the essential factor for all the people in the world and it provides needed energy to perform all our daily tasks easily, the food we eat is measured in calories a adult human needs about three thousand calories for a day to run his life. The range of calories depends on the age, size and sex of the person, the calorie we consume will be stored in our body to provide energy and each physical work we do will burn the calories and help us to maintain healthy body.

The food we eat has several nutrients in it these nutrients help in development of the body and enhance the muscle and brain power of us, the nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats are very essential for one’s growth. To get those nutrients we need to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, milk products, meat and fish these foods will provide needed energy and nutrients to the body. Today people are avoid eating food from their home they used to eat from fast food joints and in restaurants but they never know that the food made from outside contain high trans fats and sodium in it and this will make them fat and unhealthy.

A proper food can be prepared only in home using natural ingredients and flavours with proper hygienic conditions, today people are using artificial preservatives and flavours in their food this will spoil the health of the food and make it unfit to eat so avoid using it. Try to make more dishes with vegetables and fruits because they good for our health and also helps in maintaining proper weight. The dishes like pumpkin pie are the most nutritious dishes prepared from pumpkin try that in home and enjoy its taste.


Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Benefits of pumpkin

The pumpkin is a kind of vegetable which is sweeter in taste; using it we can make many dishes like pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin porridge and sweets. As the vegetable is sweeter it enhances the taste of the dish naturally and makes it good to eat. The pumpkin can be easily cultivated in our garden, it does not consume more water or sunlight but grow very faster and yield good amount of pumpkins every year. So why waiting cultivate it and enjoy preparing pumpkin dishes at home easily.

How to prepare traditional pumpkin pie?

To prepare traditional pumpkin pie we need a whole grain kneaded dough, condensed milk, grounded cinnamon, a pumpkin, sugar, salt, heavy cream and ginger. First boil the sliced pumpkin in the oven for about forty five minutes in 360 degree centigrade then peel the skin of pumpkin. Then put all the peeled pumpkin slices in the food processor and prepare a pumpkin puree then roll the dough and place it in the rounded bottom plate. Then prepare topping mix all the other ingredients including pumpkin puree in the food processor once it mixed completely pour it on the top of the dough and bake it for forty minutes. Once it is completely baked remove it from the oven and serve to your friends and family members.


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