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How To Make Pork In a Slow Cooker

How To Make Pork In a Slow Cooker

How To Make Pork In a Slow Cooker

How to Make Pork in a Slow Cooker in steady cooking process

If you and your family are fan of pork dishes and no matter its shape, then try out this amazing pork recipe in a slow cooker process. You can make out any kind of fabulous dishes with pork but you need to have some magical ingredients to spice-up its taste. The best part of using this slow cooker is you no need to spend your time in making all the ingredients to be roasted well with pork.

You just place all the seasoning ingredients in to the cooker and let it do the remaining cooking process for you. You may be proud of yourself for people giving a credit to your dish when there is no hard work for you in this pork roast.


Fresh pork meat


For this yummy dish, the people should buy fine pieces of that meat by checking its quality. They need to think effectively about how to put all those mixing ingredients in to the cooker such that all are mingling well with each other. An easy pulled pork recipe comes with the exotic taste of seasoning spices. Choose a quality meat that ensures a good quality of fresh taste with right amount of water consistent. Since this dish is undergoing a cooking process of slow cooker, it just need more time to get that roasting texture. For about six to seven hours you may be doing this process, so the water content and moisture level are much needed factor to make the meat in to juicy pieces. They retain the softness and avoid the raw smell of meat too.

Seasoning process


Once you have the fresh pork meat, just place them on to your cooking table. Cut down into thin slices so that it will absorb all the seasoning spices in to its flesh. Take out a slow cooker and out those sliced pork pieces inside the cooker. The seasoning ingredients are chilli powder, cumin, cinnamon and brown sugar. You just coat the  shoulder pieces with these spices.

To add up an exotic smell in it, you place a coating layer of garlic and onion inside the cooker. On the layer of the garlic and onion place those spice coated pork inside your cooker. For a simple seasoning processes just use your cooking items like salt and pepper.

The best thing is you can easily sprinkle it on the meat pieces when they are inside the cooker. This reduces the more time spending in the spice mixes. Once you have done with all those needed ingredients and its process then you can close the cooker. Put the cooking time for around six to seven hours. After this time take out the roasted meat from cooker. You can see the juicy pork pieces with the fine roast melted with the tasty spices. Serve this delicious pork roast with your favourite barbecue sauce and sweet salad. Put those in to the roast dish and wait for until it’s ready to serve. This would be best to serve with the sandwich or corn bread as a combo of dinner recipe.


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