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Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Green Tea Ice Cream. Just to mix it up, I’ll give you the green tea ice cream recipe first and then tell you why you should even care about making your own Japanese green tea ice cream (short version: it’s gives you energy… and lots of it).

The most important ingredient in any green tea ice cream recipe is obviously the green tea… and not just any green tea, we’ll be using matcha! This is basically an extremely concentrated form of green tea that contains a ridiculous amount of minerals and vitamins.

And where you usually throw away the leaves when drinking normal tea, matcha is actually a fine powder that gets completely absorbed by the water… that way you consume the whole leaf… and all the valuable minerals and vitamins it contains!

But more on that later, let’s start with the actual green tea ice cream recipe 🙂


Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Note: I don’t like how creamy most green tea ice creams are… so I searched and searched for a recipe that matched my requirements, eventually I stumbled on this recipe by sweets by Sillianah.

It’s perfect and very easy to make!

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Yield: Serves 4

2 cups half-and-half (Half and Half is a mixture of one part milk to one part cream)
½ cup sugar
3 Tbsp. 100% natural green tea powder (matcha powder)
Pinch of salt

In a medium sauce pan, whisk together the half and half, green tea powder, sugar, and salt. Heat the mixture until it comes to a full boil. Keep whisking until mixture starts to foam, then remove from heat.

Transfer the mixture to a large bowl. When it’s cooled down, refrigerate the mixture until completely chilled.

Churn for 20-25 minutes in ice cream maker, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Transfer into a container and freeze for at least 3 hours before serving.

And that’s’ it! Now on to why you should even consider this delicious green tea ice cream recipe.

Tip: Be careful when buying Matcha, if it is in a tea bag, it is NOT matcha. Matcha is a bright and vivid green powder and usually sold in small canisters. If you have problems finding it, you can order it online at or Maeda-en.

Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe: Why Matcha?
As I said before, Matcha is a fine green super concentrated powder that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. The tea bushes are grown under shade which increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaf… this stuff is really rich in antioxidants (about 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea).

When harvested, the leaves are slowly ground between granite rocks (until they reach their vivid green powder state) and immediately packed in a vacuum sealed tin.

Matcha green tea has been drunk in japan for almost 900 years and is also used by Buddhist monks to keep them focused during long meditations. Today, the tea is still very popular in Japan and especially among students to keep them alert when studying for their exams. (red bull anyone?)

Matcha uses a combination of theophylline, L-theanine and caffeine to give you a very effective energy boost that can last up to 6 hours. Don’t confuse this with the energy boost that coffee gives you, it’s a whole new level of alertness. This magical combo actually stimulates the alpha brain waves which increases your focus but keeps you relaxed at the same time!

Matcha also increases the rate at which your body burns calories… In fact, a study in 2008 found that green tea ingestion ‘can increase fat oxidation during moderate intensity exercise’, which means you’ll burn more calories for doing less exercise than usual, how awesome is that!


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