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Easy Lasagna Recipe

Easy Lasagna Recipe

Easy Lasagna Recipe

Making the delicious lasagna recipe

Food is the important thing that we consider to lead a life. It gives us the strength to do the work. There are many varieties of the food that are available in the world of food. Most of the people will like to taste the food items that are tasty and yummy at the same time they will maintain the healthy life. Lasagna is one such dish that will make the person to eat it with excitement. Many people will like to eat the delicious and yummy. In case of the people who are in diet they can eat delicious the food items that will not affect your health.

This lasagna is the dish in which we will have the benefits of the meat as well as the milk products. This dish can be given to the children who will feel yummy to eat the meat with milk and butter sauce. Children who refuse to eat the meat will eat this dish without saying anything. Make sure that the children can able to digest such stuff that is used in this dish. There are many such dishes are available that will make the person to eat the meat without refusing.

Easy Lasagna Recipe

Easy Lasagna Recipe

Preparing the meat lasagna

Lasagna is the dish that can be prepared easily with the ingredients that are available in the home. The cooking time of this dish is 30 minutes provided that you have made all the items ready to use. The ingredients for this dish is that the all purpose flour, eggs, salt, onion, celery, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, meat, red wine, carrot, minced garlic, milk, butter, pepper and the water.

To make the sheets of the lasagna mix the all purpose flour with the ten egg and add a little pinch of salt ion the mixture. Now you can make the mixture as the dough. After making the dough roll the dough in the sheet making machines that will be making the even sheets if the dough, after that place the dough sheets in the tray with the help of the butter paper and cook it for 2 minutes in the oven.

For the stuffing take the onion, celery and the minced garlic in the blender and blend the mixture. Take the pan and heat the pan with the extra virgin olive oil and add the vegetable mixture that is blended in the blender. Now add the 4 ounces of the meat and the red wine and mix it well.

Final step of the lasagna

After adding the wine adds the tomato juice that will make the stuffing in the gravy format. The milk sauce can be made with the help of the butter, milk and the all purpose flour. After that boil the water and put the sheets in the waters that will make the paste sheets shiny and greasy to look.

Then serving the lasagna is the final step in which take the bowl and add the vegetable sauce in it after that place the pasta sheets in the bowl and add the milk sauce. Repeat this step until the bowl is half filled. Now the lasagna is ready to eat


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