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Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apple

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apples

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apples

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apples Recipe

When you want to reduce your fat and need a fit body, you really need some more fruits diet plan. The more fruits you add in your daily food plan will be a great thing to easily get a healthy body of you. The apples are known for its anti-oxidants and rich fibre content qualities. One must not avoid these red apples, if he surely wants to lose excess fat from his body. It will be very boring for you to eat those raw apples and that leads to quickly avoid eating it more. But try out the magic in this fruit by doing exotic dessert recipes.

Caramel and chocolate doesn’t need any introduction about their individual specialities. They both can do any magic in your fruit based recipes. When they are combined in a dish, the taste is out of the world of your imaginations.

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apples

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apples

Their melting sweet taste absorbs easily with the fine apple pieces. Be wise in choosing right apple and ensure it gives little bitter taste when you eat it. This will perfectly mingled with the caramel and chocolate mixes. You can select fine apple from the unique range of granny smith apple collection. For your serving level you pick a right number of apple pieces. Consider for about six to seven medium sized apple you buy around one pound of caramel and chocolate. They are available in both liquid and powder based packets. The other required items are like decorative toppings, crushed nuts and chopped raisins. The jimmies or sprinkle and eye-delightful candies are other list of topping ingredients. For colouring effect use the chocolate covering oil product.

Chocolate-caramel mix

You also need to have the caramel sticks, double boiler insert to boil the apples. Then get a fine sheets of cookie and dipping sheets. The caramel apple bags are optional one that you can even ignore to use it. Use some convenient large cookie sheet and heavy weight dipping sheet materials. Commence your dipping process by cleaning the fresh apples and cut them in to your desired shape and sizes. If you don’t want any specific shape then let the apple to be in its normal look. In the mean time melt the caramel and chocolate pieces under the heat level of 170 degree. Don’t do over heat, as it will spoil the taste and color of the chocolate mix.

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apples

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Apples

Dipping and cooling procedure

Moreover they may burn the sweet quality and turn it in to a bitter taste. Insert the sticks in all the apples and dip the apples in to this chocolate caramel mix. Wait for the firm state of this mix and then do the dipping. Place the dipped apples on the cookie sheet and refrigerate it. You can even dip the apples individually in the chocolate coating and then dip in to the caramel coating. Take out the apples from fridge and sprinkle all the candies and sugar snowflakes as a decorative topping to this dish. Then place it over the tray on the dipping sheet and cool it in fridge. The delightful dipped apples are ready to serve for your family.


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